Quarantine Love To You: Taking it Day By Day

A heartfelt message from Jess King while she’s in quarantine in Bordeaux, France. During this extraordinary time while many are experiencing a wide array of unpleasant emotions and feeling isolated, it’s an ideal time for self-care, reflection and connecting (by phone, FaceTime, Skype or whatever you prefer) with those whose vibe resonates with our higher/best self. Difficult times allow us to strip away the BS from daily life and to connect with our most authentic self inside. What can you do today to make your day better? Is there anything you used to love doing that you haven’t done in awhile — or that you’ve always wanted to do? Maybe playing an instrument, drawing or creating art, cooking… whatever it is that comes to mind for you – go for it! Enjoy this personal and healing message from Jess as we begin week two of lockdown in France. Jess King is currently sharing free nightly guided meditations on Instagram @jesskingofficial at 9.30PM France time and free HIIT meditation workouts at @tnl58 3x week for anyone who wants an inspiring and deeply connective workout experience. Shared with loving, healing and compassionate vibes to you and your loved ones. Together we will get through this and come through it better than ever, day by day.

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