Are You Accidentally Holding Yourself Back? Let’s Change this for 2020

Are you accidentally holding yourself back? In this episode Jess King suggests we take a moment to reflect on our past year and how we may have unconsciously been preventing ourselves from reaching our personal goals. Self-awareness is the first step to breaking this very human pattern and learning to take action (even and especially when it’s uncomfortable). Through reflecting on the past year, ask yourself if you’re happy with your growth and be honest with yourself in terms of admitting where you may have been distracted or set off course a bit. Accepting (with kindness and self-love) where we are now is important in helping unable us to unblock and prepare ourselves for what is next. Feel Jess King’s authentic and heartfirst approach to allow yourself an opportunity to expand and evolve in the way you imagine. It’s an ideal moment to do this as we close a new year and decade in several weeks. Abundance is real; we can all do this. Cheers to a magical 2020 for each of you. Sponsorships: off for this episode

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