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30-Day Spring Reboot

Online TNL 58' Workout (Single)

Empower your heart, body and mind with TNL 58', the next level in HIIT workouts.

Tuesdays Online at 7pm CET  · 1pm EST · 10am PT.

No equipment necessary (use of yoga mat ideal). All levels of fitness welcome.

To learn more about TNL 58' visit: or email workout creator: [email protected].

Online TNL 58' August 4-Pack

Online Tuesdays 4-Workout Pack (August):

Tuesday Aug 10 @ 7pm CET (1pm EST / 10am PT)

Tuesday Aug 17 @ 7pm CET (1pm EST / 10am PT)

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Tuesday Aug 31 @ 7pm CET (1pm EST / 10am PT)

To learn more about TNL 58' visit: or email workout creator: [email protected].




“After the Rain” (lyric video)

Inspired by the loss of someone very close to Jess King years ago, “Courage to Believe” is written and performed live in the studio by Jess King in 2020.
Release Date : September 8. 2020.

“Your Deep Dark Eyes” solo performance, December 2018

Enjoy this solo performance of a song I wrote called “Your Deep Dark Eyes” from December 2018 just as I was beginning to re-open the door to my first gift and passion of connection through music.  

An Inspiring Message for Artists, Entrepreneurs and Astronauts.

I recorded this short video a few days ago after coming across an article I wrote several years ago where I expressed a painful truth we all must (as artists, hustlers and entrepreneurs) learn and even embrace: not everyone is going to understand respect or support our journeys.  Hopefully, you are already surrounded by love and support and this doesn’t relate to you; for anyone who is confronting challenges – especially during the early phases of your career (or career shift) or when you encounter challenges along the way, this video is dedicated to you.

As a singer-songwriter of nearly 20 years, I deeply understand the difficulties that may come up and am happy to share my insights, thoughts and advice.  This talk is just the beginning of a much longer conversation. Enjoy! As always, your feedback and comments are welcome by clicking here.


The Change is We: Every Day Connection and Compassion

A few nights ago I shared a heartfelt reminder about the importance of expressing and experiencing connection and compassion in our daily lives.  Although most of us know this already, in our hectic lives sometimes we lose touch with this.

In this short video I also confesses to a doing something not so high-vibing and how I’ve been working on myself to keep my heart and mind open even when it’s extremely challenging and upsetting. In order to be our best selves and to live in a peaceful thriving world each of us needs to resist shutting down when we feel inclined to and to return to our natural state of love; to give space to those with whom we don’t agree and to make an extra effort to understand each other.

If this resonates with you, you would might appreciate my new weekly podcast, Heartfirst with Jess King. Feel free to check it out on this website and to follow for weekly updates on Spotify: Apple podcasts: Google podcasts: Sticher:

Trust Yourself. First.

Passionate artist and fitness entrepreneur Jess King shares a few personal self-care tips on the importance of tuning in and trusting ourselves first. instagram @jesskingofficial facebook @jesskingofficial twitter @jesskingmusic

A few words about TNL58′

A few words about TNL 58′ (The Next Level), a heart-first HIIT workout designed to empower the heart, body and mind. Developed by passionate artist, coach and athlete Jess King. (@jesskingofficial) YOUTUBE page: TNL 58′ launched October 2016 in Paris. For more info & schedule updates (currently 7 classes offered per week) email [email protected] or visit

Why You Must Really Give Zero Fucks

It’s no secret that some of the most successful, happy and admirable people we know are those who don’t seem to give a f*ck.  You know the type: the woman who unapologetically shares her opinion regardless of its popularity or who boldly leaves an unfulfilling job (and tells the boss where to go); or the man who makes a drastic and unexpected life change simply because it feels right to him. Too often, giving a f*ck gets in the way of our goals and limits our personal growth and happiness.  By increasing our self-awareness and being more intentional about what and whom we take to heart, we can take our wellbeing to the next level.

We are each wired differently and have unique triggers in terms of what does and doesn’t affect us.  For instance, I never really gave a f*ck about others’ opinions regarding my decision to pursue music professionally; even when my family was initially unsupportive, my passion and self-confidence always won out. Meanwhile, I’ve given way too many f*cks about others’ perceptions of me in business situations throughout my career and this has held me back.  My point in sharing this is that we are all works in progress and it’s never too late to improve ourselves and our lives.

As Robin Sharma, author of the awesomely inspirational fable The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, points out,”What you focus on grows, what you think about expands and what you dwell upon determines your destiny.”  Deciding to care less about things and people who drain your energy will uplift and empower you in beautiful ways.  I use the verb decide because it’s ultimately a choice whether or not you give a f*ck. It’s similar to when you have a negative thought; you can allow yourself to dwell on it, in which case its power will grow, or you can decide to intentionally let it go and move forward.  As someone highly sensitive, believe me – I know this can be challenging – but I can share from personal experience that conscious effort works.

4 Reasons Why You Must Give Zero F*cks:

1/ It means owning who you are.  It doesn’t mean you don’t care; it just means you’re willing to accept that the consequences of your actions or words may not be greeted with nods and smiles.  It’s about embracing your difference.

2/ People think about you much less than you realize.  It’s exhausting to be concerned about what others think of you.  The truth is, while we worry about others judging us, those same people are usually worried about us judging them.  (What a waste of energy.)

3/ Not everyone is going to like you (even if you give every f*ck in the world). You already know this, but a reminder can’t hurt. No matter what you say or do, some people out there are not going to like you.  And that’s totally okay.

4/ It’s about freedom and independence.  Once you’ve relieved yourself of the weight of giving a f*ck, you can finally be an active participant in your life rather than a spectator, debating and waiting to make your next moves.  Your authentic (and kickass) life awaits.

* Song For This Moment: “I Love It” by Icona Pop.

Sorry Not Sorry

The other day I caught myself just before it rolled off the tip of my tongue. Where I would normally have opened with ‘I’m sorry, but’ — this time I left that part out and simply explained to a potential client that my fee is non-negotiable. And it worked. By being direct and showing my true confident self, I gained a client and likely earned his respect. Like many others (and women in particular), I’m personally guilty of over-apologizing – it’s even become a reflex. Sometimes we apologize when we feel uncomfortable asking for something or to avoid being perceived as rude (even when our perception of impolite is way off base). Why on earth would anyone apologize for stating their fee, right? Ridiculous.

The subject of over-apologizing has gotten a lot of attention recently, and with good reason. As a New York Times Op-Ed article points out, the word ‘sorry’ is taking up too much airtime in our lives. Saying it too often and unnecessarily has a negative impact on self-esteem and can cause a lot of miscommunication and confusion. If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth checking out Amy Schumer’s quick comedy sketch about successful women over-apologizing – it’s disturbing, yet eye-opening.

If you’re someone who naturally gives opinions openly and without apology, I applaud you. But if you find yourself saying, ‘I’m sorry’ too often, it’s worth working on. The best part: with just a little bit of effort, positive results are pretty much guaranteed. Through increased awareness and continual practice, you can drastically improve how you communicate with others and noticeably boost how you feel about yourself.

3 Tips to Help Kick the Habit:

1/ Ask yourself if you’re truly sorry and why. If you can’t answer this one in a heartbeat, you probably shouldn’t be apologizing. If you’re saying ‘sorry’ out of habit or to avoid awkwardness: stop. You’re diminishing your strength. There should always be a clear reason.

2/ Are you responsible for what you’re apologizing for? Be sure you’re not saying ‘sorry’ for something that’s not actually your fault.

3/ Remember “I’m Sorry” is a sentence (not a disclaimer). When you begin a sentence with, ‘I’m sorry, but’ — it’s a sign you may be apologizing without reason. Make sure you’re not using ‘I’m sorry’ as an opening to a question or before asking a favor of someone.

* Song to get you in the mood:

“I’m Not Sorry” by Celeste Buckingham. Eloquent, powerful and true. Don’t be sorry.

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