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Jess King

passionate artist / founder of TNL 58'

With a soul-drenched voice, relatable lyrics and a captivating presence, Jess King has all the qualities of a timeless artist.  It takes only a moment to be transported and mesmerized by Jess whether she’s alone behind the piano or performing with a band. Even the legendary Stevie Wonder stopped by to applaud Jess King during one of her performances in Tokyo.
Jess King landed in Paris for a music project in 2012, and has been based between here and New York since then.
Also a passionate athlete and coach, in 2016 Jess King created and launched TNL 58′ (The Next Level), a deeply connective high intensity workout with meditation in Paris.  Jess King is pleased to be part of the adidas Training Creators Squad (Europe) and a Lululemon ambassador (France).
Jess King is currently working on a long-awaited  heart-moving album due to release late 2019.  Meanwhile, you’ll notice on her Spotify that she is releasing songs every 6 weeks or so that she’s waited on sharing. 
As a compassionate soul with a fierce desire to connect with and empower others, Jess King was inspired to launch her new podcast, Heartfirst with Jess King in early 2019.

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