Passionate singer-songwriter + creator of TNL 58′ workout.

photo: Flavia Raddavero

Jess King is all about heart. When she sings, her soul-drenched voice and relatable lyrics make us feel as though she knows us; while leading her signature TNL 58’ workout, Jess’ ability to inspire and make others feel taken care of is powerful. There’s a depth and intensity behind her bright smile and it’s clear within moments of meeting her that Jess King is a kind, gifted and passionate connector.

Heartfirst. After graduating from Dartmouth College, Jess traveled to Ebeye, a remote island in the Pacific, to volunteer-teach at an elementary school. This experience affirmed Jess’ desire to help those in need; yet her desire to build a music career prompted her return to New York 1 year later. From here, Jess rode the many highs and lows of life as an independent singer-songwriter, committed to writing and performance. Short and long-term music opportunities have led Jess to spend time in Hong Kong, Tokyo, the Caribbean and other parts of the world before landing in Paris for what she thought would be several months in 2012.

Sports as connection. A dedicated athlete since she discovered track and field at 14 (competing as a Division 1 athlete at Dartmouth and later running a few sub-3:00 marathons), one of Jess’ favorite part-time jobs unrelated to music has been as a fitness coach. Passionate about sharing her knowledge and guiding others to achieve their goals, this was an instant fit for Jess, who found herself missing this aspect of her life once she arrived in Paris. Six months later (after falling in love with the City of Lights), Jess posted an online classified ad and began coaching on the other side of the Atlantic.

credit: Lucie Sassiat.

TNL 58′. In October 2016, Jess King launched TNL 58’ (The Next Level), a personalized high intensity workout designed to empower the heart, body and mind.  A 58 minute workout that combines HIIT and meditation, with exercises synched to the tempo and flow of each song on carefully curated playlists, TNL 58′ is a natural evolution for Jess, bringing together her skills as a gifted artist, connector, coach and athlete.  The result is a deeply connective workout experience that leaves us feeling peaceful and powerful.  Appropriately named, TNL 58’ is currently taking HIIT to The Next Level in Paris and beyond – outdoors, at boutique fitness studios and pop-up events.  Jess King is often be found organizing or otherwise supporting heart-first causes; 10% of TNL 58′ proceeds are donated to those in need.  Jess has been an ambassador of Lululemon France and is currently a member of the adidas Training Creator Squad in western Europe.

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