Heartfirst Real Talk from Jess.

An Inspiring Message for Artists, Entrepreneurs and Astronauts.

I recorded this short video a few days ago after coming across an article I wrote several years ago where I expressed a painful truth we all must (as artists, hustlers and entrepreneurs) learn and even embrace: not everyone is going to understand respect or support our journeys.  Hopefully, you are already surrounded by love and support and this doesn’t relate to you; for anyone who is confronting challenges – especially during the early phases of your career (or career shift) or when you encounter challenges along the way, this video is dedicated to you.

As a singer-songwriter of nearly 20 years, I deeply understand the difficulties that may come up and am happy to share my insights, thoughts and advice.  This talk is just the beginning of a much longer conversation. Enjoy! As always, your feedback and comments are welcome by clicking here.


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