Month: March 2019

An Inspiring Message for Artists, Entrepreneurs and Astronauts.

I recorded this short video a few days ago after coming across an article I wrote several years ago where I expressed a painful truth we all must (as artists, hustlers and entrepreneurs) learn and even embrace: not everyone is going to understand respect or support our journeys.  Hopefully, you are already surrounded by love and support and this doesn’t relate to you; for anyone who is confronting challenges – especially during the early phases of your career (or career shift) or when you encounter challenges along the way, this video is dedicated to you.

As a singer-songwriter of nearly 20 years, I deeply understand the difficulties that may come up and am happy to share my insights, thoughts and advice.  This talk is just the beginning of a much longer conversation. Enjoy! As always, your feedback and comments are welcome by clicking here.


The Change is We: Every Day Connection and Compassion

A few nights ago I shared a heartfelt reminder about the importance of expressing and experiencing connection and compassion in our daily lives.  Although most of us know this already, in our hectic lives sometimes we lose touch with this.

In this short video I also confesses to a doing something not so high-vibing and how I’ve been working on myself to keep my heart and mind open even when it’s extremely challenging and upsetting. In order to be our best selves and to live in a peaceful thriving world each of us needs to resist shutting down when we feel inclined to and to return to our natural state of love; to give space to those with whom we don’t agree and to make an extra effort to understand each other.

If this resonates with you, you would might appreciate my new weekly podcast, Heartfirst with Jess King. Feel free to check it out on this website and to follow for weekly updates on Spotify: Apple podcasts: Google podcasts: Sticher:

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