Month: May 2018

Do It: Positive.

If you’re reading this, you most likely already know how important it is to have a positive outlook on life.  You know that being optimistic and believing in yourself and your future greatly increase your ability to reach goals, and make you a happier and more likeable person.   However, it’s not just about how you think.  It’s about you actand how you react. Because life is anything but a straight line; it’s full of ups and downs and unexpected twists and turns.  Your ability to adapt and to remain open to new possibilities is as important as maintaining a positive mindset — and arguably more so.

Here’s an example that may hit home.  In a recent study, around 80% of people reported themselves to be unhappy in their jobs, clear proof of just how difficult even positive change is.  Despite knowing we could be happier, most of us aren’t willing to face the challenge of starting something new, of walking away from what we know and feels secure.  So instead of working to create our future, we allow fear, self-doubt and others’ opinions to dictate our next move. (It’s frighteningly easy to continue living in a bubble of complacency when everyone around you seems to be doing the same thing.)  A positive attitude will help you manage life, but it won’t improve your life from good to great: that requires positive doing.


happily ever afterWe dare you to take things to the next level. To be courageous.  To empower yourself.  We believe in the importance of surrounding yourself with people who inspire you at a core level and make you a stronger, better and more confident person — who contribute to your happiness, and encourage you to work hard and be resilient.  People who get it. And you’ll naturally reciprocate, so everybody wins.  Whether your goal is to train for a 5K or your first marathon, to find a new job, to start a new company or to become a single parent by choice — whateverit is — it’s valid.  There are no rules.  This is just about going for what you want rather than convincing yourself you’re okay with being unfulfilled.


5 Steps Of Positive Doing:

1/ Set Goals.  Contrary to some of what we’ve seen published recently, we still believe goal-setting is a good thing when done right.  What do you want?  Think about it. Acknowledge it. Respect it.

2/ Ask yourself Why.  Think about why you want to achieve this particular goal. Your response should be quick and obvious to you.  Most likely, it will have something to do with feeling good about yourself or feeling accomplished.  It has to come back to something that will make youhappy.

3/ If Things Don’t Work Out.  This one is critical and may take time to consider, depending on your goal. Be honest with yourself: are you able and willing to handle the disappointment if things don’t turn out the way you want?  How will you respond if this happens?You need to be prepared to deal with the possibility of things going awry. This may not sound particularly helpful in the moment, but it’s comforting to know that many of life’s most beautiful and interesting doors open as a result of some sort of failure.  Not saying this should be your primary focus, but you need to be aware of this possibility.  Not everything is up to you, but how you respond is.

positive doing4/ Plan and Visualize.   Work on an action plan to achieve your goals.  Be realistic and simplify things as much as possible.  Write it down and put it somewhere safe.  Consult someone you trust and who believes in you.  Having the support of a loved one can make all the difference in helping us feel supported and accountable as we work toward our goals. However, you don’t need to tell the world; keep your energy and your circle tight on this one.  Before you sleep at night or first thing in the morning (or whenever you have a few moments to yourself) visualize yourself realizing the goal you’re passionate about.  Believe in this.

5/ Own It.  You’re ready.  You’ve considered the obstacles and are prepared to be resilient, knowing life may throw you some punches along the way (especially if your goal is very challenging). And that’s okay. Throughout your path, if you find yourself struggling to the point where you’re having trouble sticking to your plan stay flexible.  You may not believe in a Plan B or C (and we respect your determination!) but sometimes life opens up a Plan W or Q that’s even more incredible than your Plan A. Don’t be too single-focused to miss out on an unexpected opportunity.  Your positive attitude, actions and reactions will ensure your success. 

* Song To Get You in The Mood: “How Hard I Try”

“How Hard I Try”, by filous and featuring James Hershey.

A song about holding on to what matters and going after what you want. Now, go get it!


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