Jess King

ARTIST · songwriter · HEARTFIRST activist

It takes just a moment to be drawn in by Jess King’s vibrant and magnetic energy.  Her soul-drenched voice, relatable lyrics and presence captivated even legendary artist Stevie Wonder, who stopped by to applaud one of Jess’ live performances.  Jess King has all the qualities of a timeless artist.  Based between Paris and New York since 2012, Jess King has been moving hearts and souls at a deep level for years.

As any independent artist knows, getting meaningful music to a wide audience requires many factors to coincide.  Jess humbly owns that she’s made “a zillion mistakes” throughout her music career, often disempowering herself in business situations.  In 2016, she created and launched TNL 58‘  in Paris, receiving praise from Glamour Magazine as well as locals for the workout’s ability to uplift and inspire positivity.  However, Jess King’s primary purpose and passion is creating and performing music and this is 100% her main focus now. 

In July 2020, she wrote and released “Time’s Up”, a call-to-action song inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement.  Later in 2020, she released “Courage to Believe” and “After the Rain”. Jess King’s superpower as an artist is to connect with listeners at a deep and healing level. In a Covid-19 era and beyond, Jess King’s music, vibe and presence seem all the more important.

After the Rain. Out 12.1.2020

Out December 1. 2020, “After the Rain” is an uplifting song dedicated to anyone struggling with depression, mental illness or any type of of emotional challenge.  It was inspired by someone very close to Jess King, but its lyrics and healing message universally relate.


Currently receiving airplay on Energy 103 WJGK in Suffolk Count,y New York, “After the Rain” captures a live performance of Jess King at Music Unit studio in Paris.

Check Out the Lyric Video here

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