Heartfirst Activist.

Jess King

ARTIST and songwriter.

It takes just a moment to be drawn in by Jess King’s vibrant and magnetic energy.  With a soul-drenched voice, relatable lyrics and a captivating presence, even legendary artist Stevie Wonder stopped by to applaud one of Jess’ live performances.  Jess King has all the qualities of a timeless artist.  Based between Paris and New York since 2012, Jess King has been moving hearts and souls at a deep level for years.

An artist first, Jess King expanded her connective abilities into the world of fitness through the launch of TNL 58‘  in Paris in 2016, a workout experience described by Glamour Magazine as a workout “pour la positive attitude pratiquée” (a workout for the practice of positivity).  Jess King continues to share personally curated workouts blending high intensity and meditation with her online community. 

However, the Covid-19 era re-awakened Jess King to her first purpose as a creator and performer of music.  She released “Time’s Up”, a song inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, in July 2020; since then Jess King has been releasing a fresh original song to the public every 6 weeks on Spotify, apple music, Deezer, kkboxamazon,  and other major listening platforms.

After the Rain. Out 12.1.2020

Out December 1. 2020, “After the Rain” is an uplifting song dedicated to anyone struggling with depression, mental illness or any type of of emotional challenge.  It was inspired by someone very close to Jess King, but its lyrics and healing message universally relate.


Currently receiving airplay on Energy 103 WJGK in Suffolk Count,y New York, “After the Rain” captures a live performance of Jess King at Music Unit studio in Paris.

Check Out the Lyric Video here

Follow Jess King on Spotify here.


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