Connecting With Your Gifts, Purpose and What Really Lights Up Your Heart

February 28, 2019

What is the difference between liking what you do and loving it ~ or loving it at an even deeper level? In this episode, Jess King shares a personal discovery she’s recently had in this area that has led to her opening a new door, defying and letting go of her self-limiting boundaries. Through living heartfirst, we face our fears and enable ourselves to expand and grow. It’s not easy to stay present each day; sometimes we become distracted or overwhelmed and feel like we are stuck on a certain path. It takes courage to do what isn’t easy in order to evolve. One way to reconnect ourselves is to spend more time in flow state (when we forget ourselves). When we do, we awaken and deepen our connection with our true selves. This episode is intended for anyone who wants to awaken this deeper connection, to share your unique gifts and serve your purpose in this life. Fact: It is never too late and you are right on time.Sponsorships: off for this episode

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