Meet Studio 15 Founder + Humanitarian Jia Wertz

This week we’re thrilled to feature outstanding entrepreneur, fashionista and humanitarian Jia Wertz.  As she is founder of Studio 15, an online marketplace for trendy and affordable women’s apparel, one might suppose our interview would begin with a description of how Jia became interested in fashion and what prompted her company’s launch; instead, after a quick hello, Jia […]

Patricia Moreno: Fitness, Spirituality and Self Concept

These days we’re inundated with information about wellness. Between our favorite health and fitness websites, apps, newsletters, instagram and twitter feeds — there’s no shortage of content.  However, it’s not always easy to find quality content that resonates, educates and empowers us on a real level.  So when someone’s words, class and vibe authentically inspire […]

Knowing When To Quit (A Personal Story)

This article is dedicated to anyone who’s ever had a dream, totally gone for it and failed. It may be true that there’s no such thing as failure, only lessons; but in the moment, when your dreams feel crushed, those words sting more than they are helpful. Especially when pursuing your passion often means that you’ve already taken […]

The Painful Truth We All Must Learn

I’m forcing myself to write this article before I begin second-guessing myself and before my mind wanders back to politics (both of these things will inevitably have happened by the time you read this).  This piece is dedicated to all the hustlers, artists, entrepreneurs and dream-builders out there who have experienced that exasperating feeling of, “WTF.  I […]

How To Get Unstuck (featuring Dr. Laura Miranda)

I recently sat down with passionate fitness entrepreneur, physical therapist and coach Dr. Laura Miranda in New York to discuss strategies on how to get unstuck when we fall into negative patterns. Whether it’s losing motivation for your workout routine or neglecting some another aspect your self-care, Laura shares many insightful tips that will help you […]