"The only limits are those of vision."

photo: Flavia Raddavero

Jess King

passionate artist + FOUNDER OF TNL 58'

It takes just a few moments to be drawn to Jess King’s vibrant and magnetic energy.  When she sings, her soul-drenched voice and relatable lyrics make us feel she knows us personally; when she leads her signature TNL 58’ workouts, her ability to deeply connect as a coach sets her apart.  Her new podcast, Heartfirst with Jess Kingradiates with authenticity, as Jess shares personal insights and experiences that reveal her to be a powerful heart-first leader.

Heartfirst. After graduating from Dartmouth College and spending a year volunteer-teaching at an elementary school in the Marshall Islands, Jess King’s aspirations in music prompted her return to the US.  She launched her career as an independent singer-songwriter in New York, with short and long-term music opportunities landing Jess across the globe, spending significant time in Tokyo and Hong Kong before arriving in Paris in early 2011.

Sports as connection.  Also a dedicated athlete (competing in D1 college XC / track and field and later running a few sub-3:00 marathons), sports and coaching have been less public yet ever present passions for Jess.

TNL 58′.   In 2016, Jess King took the City of Lights by storm when she launched TNL 58’ (The Next Level), a personalized and deeply connective full-body workout that combines high intensity with meditation.  TNL 58′ is a natural evolution for Jess, bringing together her unique skills as an artist, connector, coach and athlete.  The result is an empowering workout experience for the heart, body and mind that leaves us feeling “peaceful and powerful”.  

A core value of her heart-first business, 10% of TNL 58′ proceeds are donated to those in need.  Jess King is often found organizing workouts in Paris aimed at raising awareness and funds to support those in need.  Jess King is honored to be a member of the adidas Training Creator Squad (Europe), a Lululemon ambassador (France) and an ambassador of Parisian mindful fashion brand Naelie.

photo: Lucie Sassiat


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